Super puma accidents

The helicopter was cruising at 1knots at 0feet when the main . Den er en forbedret og større type basert på den tidligere Aérospatiale Puma. News – Oversett denne siden 5. It is extensively used to transport oil workers to the rigs in the North Sea from the Scottish mainland. In a new preliminary report on the April crash of the . Investigations into the accident led European regulators on June to issue an emergency airworthiness directive grounding all civil H225s and AS332 .

What began with a single signature has since become a stirring example of populist outrage that the UK Civil . A report into a fatal helicopter crash off Norway has said there is no explanation as to why a detection system did not spot signs of damage to the gearbox. Iain Stuart 4 from Laurencekirk, . A helicopter which crashed in Norway on Friday killing people was forced to land days before because of fears of a technical problem, it is confirmed. Survivors talk to Aida Edemariam about what happened.

A family was showered with debris from a helicopter crash in Norway that claimed the lives of men, a new report reveals. Super Puma helicopters could be set to return to the skies. Incident Updates, News.

Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) said a “micro-pit” on the surface of one of the cogs had caused a crack to develop.

UK time on Friday, is as follows: . The announcement, made at 20. Un problème technique étant écarté, les vols des hélicoptères reprennent jeudi. Les quatre officiers français rentrent dans leur pays. These advances are in large part due to the recognition that too many lives are lost from drowning and that EBS use is one means of potentially saving lives in helicopter accidents. REFERENCES AAIB (Air Accidents Investigation Branch).

The rotorcraft was returning employees from an offshore Norwegian Sea oil platform. The flight ban imposed on the Airbus H2and AS3Lin Norway and the UK has been lifted by their respective civil aviation regulators. Following a fatal crash of an Airbus . Main rotor gearbox failure leading to main rotor detachment. Bond Aviation Group G-REDL : 06Maypictured at Aberdeen, Scotland.

Controversial offshore helicopters look set to return to skies above the North Sea after aviation watchdogs announced plans to lift a flight ban imposed following a string of fatal accidents. A Swiss army helicopter that crashed on the Gotthard pass cut through a power cable, military investigators say. At this stage in the investigation we can say that a collision with a .