Ec225 gearbox failure

Norwegian investigators seeking causes of the fatal April CHC EC2crash are focused on a main gearbox fatigue failure that certification processes may not have been foreseen and maintenance procedures may have been unable to detect. The Accident Investigation Board of Norway said the most . The helicopter was cruising at 1knots at 0feet when the main . We continue to comply fully with all guidance issued by the relevant authorities regarding the EC2and the AS332L2. He added: In both Norway and the UK, the regulators continue to have in place operational directives that effectively prohibits the use of these two models. Our global position mirrors .

Residual stresses, introduced during the welding operation, were not fully taken into . Well it might be possible. I think that catastrophic gearbox failure is more likely in this case. And it has happened before with pretty much the same result.

The owner and operator of the oil rigs on the Norwegian side of the North Sea. EAD) issued by European regulators in early October, designed to detect the warning signs of an imminent main gearbox failure. The AIBN is currently focussing on the examination of the MRH suspension bar assembly, the main gearbox and the main rotor head.

Retrieved wreckage parts and other components are stored for future examinations as required.

Super Pumas are now grounded by Statoil. CHC claims that none of the parts that were replaced was physically connected to the rotor or gearbox. The tragedy was blamed on gearbox failure.

Report on the accidents to. Air Accidents Investigation Branch. Aberdeen, Scotland on and. This investigation has been conducted in accordance with. The fault did not appear during our testing of the system but, after the issues with the EC2, this was very sensitive.

We have now modified the software and this has been certifie and five aircraft are currently flight testing the . In that report, the UK AAIB noted “An extensive and complex investigation revealed that the failure of the MGB initiated in one of the eight second stage planet gears in the epicyclic module. The planet gear had fractured as a result of a fatigue crack, the precise origin of which could not be determined”. Airbus Helicopters continues to provide its full support to the AIBN investigation. At this stage and based on the latest information, preliminary inspection of the main gearbox vertical . The EASA finding is based on inspections of other EC2helicopters performed by users since the crash.

The determination by accident investigators that the main gearbox may be at fault clashes with recent statements by the helicopter maker. Airbus said late Friday that only the failure of the suspension . Fatigue Failure of the EC2Main Gearbox Bevel Wheel.